Astraldynamics is a metaphysical research of experiences and interactions with non-physical existences which includes astral projection, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experience (OBE) and near-death experience (NDE). Applied astraldynamics puts the research into practice.

A generalization of theory: Psychology of electricity Edit

The term "astraldynamics" is perhaps first introduced by Robert Bruce[1]. The ideas of astral projection have been existing in many places and cultures and there have been a diversity of words use and theories[2].

Astral projection adopts the idea of OBE and is distinguished from lucid dreaming of just being within the dream. However, it is unclear that if it is literally OBE-ed because, instead of "away from the body", research has shown that the brain remains active during sleep and dreaming[3]. Thus it is more reasonable to say that the brain has been interacting with electricity of surrounding that is similar to neural during sleep, while the conscious of the brain just has been recognizing the experience as OBE.

The nature of non-physical existences during astral projection can be understood as electricity from surrounding that interacts with brain during sleep. This correlates with study of NDE that people changes psychologically after having NDE or the claims of having interacted with spirits[4]. In other word, electricity contains psychological and physical aspects, where the first influences people psychologically but not physically or through psychology then changes the physiology of the person while the later has been well applied in our physical technology.

Physical electricity stores the information of matters that are measurable, while psychological electricity stores the mental information that cannot be defined by physical values, such as thoughts and feelings.

However, such psychological electricity is unidentified. To make sense, the psychology of electricity can only be understood by (passing the electricity through) brain or perhaps in the future there will be a technological device that is able to mimic how the brain functions and to be able to translate it. Such technology is not impossible, since there has been technology breakthrough on brain-computer interface, indicating that the brain is compatible with electricity of electrical device[5].

This will define that astral projection is about developing a mind of a person to achieve the ability to interact with non-physical existences or technically as psychology of electricity. Without practice, one will just have influenced by psychological electricity from environment and random dream but unable to manipulate them. Through practice and developing mind, a person will eventually be able to manipulate the dream and interacts with non-physical existences during awake.

OBE phenomenon: Quantum physics approach Edit

Classical physics satisfies only linear mechanics of matters, e.g. matters are only accounted as discrete particles to react; when wave-particle duality situation comes in, classical physics fails to explain the duality nature of matters, e.g. a particle of matter behaves like a wave passing through a double-slit at a same time[6]. Such situation can only be explained by quantum physics.

The idea of OBE remains highly adopted in astral projection. It is not being accepted because it has not been proven by any person who has had OBE and left physical body, in contrary, there has been findings that show the brain remains active during the OBE. In the other way round, it is not likely the case where a person remembers an OBE with inactive brain, since the physical memory has to be electrically stimulated within the brain or the person remembers nothing.

Quantum physics lets the idea of OBE becomes reasonable. Since brain consists of electricity, this makes the quantum mechanics applicable here because the electricity, or more precisely as electrons, are one of the roles that always play part in the quantum mechanics. Below are a few concepts of quantum physics that justify the OBE phenomenon:

  • Matter wave: All of matter has wave-particle duality characteristic[7]. OBE can be understood as wave interaction of electricity of brain since wave is propagation in nature and cannot be detected discretely. This also indicates that the non-physical existences as wave nature and not interacting with matter discretely.
  • Uncertainty principle: Uncertainty principle states that for the pairs of two related physical properties (of particles), if one is determined more precisely the another will become more uncertain[8]. For psychological electricity, it involves electrical stimulation of the neural network of the brain. If the mental information is triggered by electrical stimulation of precise position within the brain, there will be an uncertainty of intensity of the stimulation. Hence the exact piece of mental information in the brain can be stimulated, but it will never be happening at the same thought and feeling due to the uncertainty. This also implies that OBE is unpredictable yet desirable or vice versa.
  • Quantum entanglement: Quantum entanglement implies that the pairs of two related groups (of particles) cannot be described independently[9]. This explains that OBE is not an independent experience out of the physical body but two simultaneous experiences are happening on both the physical body and out of the physical body (psychological electricity from environment).

Non-physical existences and unconscious or subconscious Edit

All of the matter has wave-particle duality nature. If non-physical existences are based on the wave nature, then every matter must have its non-physical counterpart. However, only a portion of matters has charge within the observable universe[10]. Since psychology exists as electricity, then this will mean that only a portion of non-physical existences have psychology too.

Unconscious mind or unconscious is a term that describes a mind that does something automatically without introspection[11]. Another close term is subconscious, which interprets a potent mind that is able to passively influences the psychology or even physiology of a person but remains dormant during awake and aware yet can be manipulated consciously[12].

The non-physical existences that has psychology are often related with the unconscious or subconscious. Meanwhile, there is no clear explanation of the nature of unconscious of subconscious being different than the awake and aware mind. However, it can be justified by quantum physics as following:

  • Pauli exclusion principle: Pauli exclusion principle states that two identical fermions (electrons are fermions) cannot occupy the same quantum state[13]. Since electricity consists of electrons and makes up the neural network of brain, the psychology also exhibits two different states if quantum mechanic is accounted. This explains the exists of two different minds of a person.
  • Energy level transitions: Neurons of brain are stimulated by synapse, which are electrical or chemical reactions[14]. Since psychology can influence physiology of a person, part of the electricity must have been driven by psychology. Meanwhile, discrete energy energy levels exist on electrons that circulate around atoms due to quantum states and does only transitions between these energy levels discretely[15]. The energy levels also account for the electrical conductivity of matters[16]. Thus, for the psychology to drive the electricity that influences the physiology of a person, it must have been involving exited and ground states of electrons and energy levels. This also means that the psychology of electricity has existed and ground states, which explains how unconscious or subconscious differs with awake and aware mind. For a corpse where its body starts to decompose, there is no psychological activity and the electricity of the body must be in ground state to decompose. This concludes that unconscious or subconscious "lives" in a body as excited state and "leaves" upon death and the body becomes ground state. The excitation state due to unconscious or subconscious lets the body becomes awake and aware.

Photoelectric effect and unconscious or subconscious Edit

Note that the matters that makes up the corpse still have electrons due to the atomic structures, thus the matters still possess electrical psychology as the corpse decomposes after the unconscious or subconscious has "left". This means that the unconscious or subconscious that causes the body to become excited state must be some other form of energy and has independent (electrical) psychology besides of charge matter. The known energy that is causing the energy level transitions is photon which the process is known as photoelectric effect[17]. According to this, when the unconscious or subconscious separates from the body, becomes photon.

When the unconscious or subconscious "lives" in a body and the body stays awake and aware, the body is in excited state but due to Pauli exclusion principle, the two types of psychological electricity will not be the same. When the unconscious or subconscious "lives" in a body and the body falls asleep, the body becomes ground state and the unconscious or subconscious "temporarily leaves" the body thus creates the OBE phenomenon. In the perspective of the body, since OBE is simultaneously happening along with the brain activity of the body, it becomes passive to the unconscious or subconscious, thus explains why dream is the reflection of the unconscious or subconscious.

General terms of astraldynamics Edit

Astraldynamics has its own terms on the theory of non-physical existences. The problem here is the related experiences and interactions are objective to every person thus the terms often differ with each person. The followings are a few terms that are generally being used:

Astral plane Edit

In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe[18]. The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions[19].

Through quantum physics of explaining the non-physical existences, instead of the esotericism, astral plane can be understood as matter wave. Since every matter has wave characteristic, astral plane can be considered as the counterpart of the physical matter.

Astral energy Edit

This is a new term due to the derivation of astraldynamics with quantum physics. Every matter has wave characteristic and its non-physical counterpart, but not every matter has charges and electricity. The psychological electricity exists only in those matters that have charges and electricity. This thus derives that within the astral plane or the non-physical existences, only the psychological electricity is responsible for the experiences and interactions of OBE of a person. The psychological electricity is the astral energy.

Spirit Edit

Spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality[20]. In the context of astraldynamics, spirit may refers to astral consciousness (unconscious or subconscious) that "lives" in astral body.

Consciousness and unconscious or subconscious or astral consciousness Edit

The term "consciousness" has became a significant topic of research in psychology, neuropsychology and neuroscience within the past few decades. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind[21].

Through quantum physics, the relation between consciousness and unconscious or subconscious is understood. Due to the language of the context of astral dynamics, the unconscious or subconscious can be referred as astral conscious.

Simply, consciousness refers to awake and aware states of a person, while astral conscious refers to the sleep, dream or OBE state of a person.

Astral body Edit

The astral body is a subtle body posited by many philosophers, intermediate between the intelligent soul and the mental body, composed of a subtle material[22].

In short, astral body is simply due to OBE, where when a person is having OBE, there is another type of body that which the person is experiencing and to interact with the astral energy within the astral plane.

However, during the OBE, the astral conscious is dominant, thus the astral body is more correctly known as the body of astral conscious.

Like physical body, only exists when it is alive, because when the physical body is dead, the astral conscious will left and the astral body will ceased as well. In other word, it is the astral conscious that lives into a physical body and makes both the physical and astral bodies alive.

Otherkin and phantom shift Edit

There is a group of people who do not identify as humans for either spiritual or psychological reasons, which they are known themselves as otherkin[23]. One of the identification of otherkin is due to phantom shift, where the person is momentarily mentally shifted into his/her kintype[24]. In the context of astraldynamics, this is due to the astral conscious and body that causes a person to think and feel like that.

Applications of astraldynamics Edit

See psychokinesis and pendulum programming.

Tutorials Edit

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