I have reread my stuffs over and over but still found many writing mistakes even I have already tried my best to improve. I am apology in regard of this, English is just not my language. Another reason is that I need time to do it slowly, I have life beside this here. Anyway, I thank you so much for those who have tried to understand me. ~ Admin


This is a place for metaphysics and spirituality.

The purpose of this wiki, beside of sharing information, is to create a standard in metaphysics. In this field, it is quite a bizarre to have so many different interpretations which are not documented well and this create frustration for people to seek, learn and apply well.

This wiki is not only serves for information gathering but rather, to put the information into real use. Metaphysics will have no meaning if one just read and write but can do nothing about them. There are tutorials below and for people who do not like long theory and story, can just go through the tutorial and start the practice immediately.

All the information in this wiki is free to use. However, please link to here when you take it.

Feel free to join my facebook (closed) group too: Applied astraldynamics

Admin, Jelly.

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(Under construction, only the bolded ones are finished.)

Tutorials Edit

Read and attempt by following the steps:

Tutorial 01 Pendulum dowsing basics: Start with your mental focus and psychokinesis!

Tutorial 02 Body and mental dowsing, without your pendulum!

Tutorial 03 Spiritual Practices on kriya yoga / spontaneous qigong and astral projection

Tutorial 00/04 Sitting meditation

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