Pendulum programming is method of conversion of psychokinesis into astraldynamics.

Psychokinesis and astraldynamics Edit

Psychokinesis create physical movement of object by mental focus. The process involves energy conversion of photon from unconscious or subconscious into the mechanical. Since psychokinesis is mental in nature, thus it is possible to utilize this conversion to influence the psychological instead of the physical.

From the derivative of astraldynamics, the every charged matter has it's own psychological and non-physical aspects. When the energy of photon from unconscious or subconscious is, instead of creating the physical movement (psychokinesis), will be converted to influence the psychology of nonphysical existences, by mental focus.

Pendulum dowsing, radionics, healing and programming Edit

Pendulum dowsing is an art of dowsing that uses pendulum[1]. Pendulum radionics is an art of radiesthesia that uses pendulum to detect paranormal activity[2]. Pendulum is actually the same as radionics, just radionics is a process of dowsing using specially designed electrical equipment[3]. There are two types of movement induction of the pendulum dowsing.

  • By ideomotor response - The dowser's hand is moving and causing the pendulum to swing, however the hand movement is not consciously but an ideomotor response[4].
  • By psychokinesis - The dowser's hand is to not move at all and to let the pendulum moves by itself. This requires the mental focus of the dowser on the pendulum, to convert into the pendulum movement, which is psychokinetic.     

Pendulum programming works only with psychokinesis. which requires hand to not move at all. The term "programming" is borrowed from programming languages which means "constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine[5]".

The difference between pendulum dowsing or radionics with programming is, the first is more on detecting non-physical existences, while the later is more on affecting them. There have been a generally known term called "pendulum healing" but it is uncleared if there is any statement that clarifies the difference with the others or if it is the psychokinesis case. Perhaps pendulum healing is just the same as dowsing just it is a branch from it that focuses on healing.

Spirit communication and ghost (energy) detection Edit

Spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality[6]. In the context of astraldynamics, spirit may refers to astral consciousness (unconscious or subconscious) that "lives" in astral body.

Ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living[7]. However, under the context of astral dynamics, astral body ceases when astral conscious "leaves" and the astral body "decomposes" back into astral energy. Ghost is not a spirit under the circumstances of astraldynamics that when the body is dead, there will be no consciousness except the astral energy. Thus, there will be no ghost communication since the consciousness has left. Rather, it is the psychology that is remained as astral energy from the "decomposing" body which can be detected.

Spirit communication refers to interaction with astral conscious that "lives" in astral body.

When pendulum is used for spirit communication and ghost detection, it must be done by psychokinesis way of induction.

Basis: Ground and excited states of consciousness Edit

Recap from astraldynamics: "When the unconscious or subconscious "lives" in a body and the body stays awake and aware, the body is in excited state."
Recap from consciousness center: "Standing meditation is ... by mentally focusing on a static consciousness center until the body starts to move spontaneously. The reason for the static of the consciousness center is, since the dream consciousness (unconscious or subconscious) is dormant during awake, then it should be in a static state."
There are two problems that can occurred during pendulum programming:

  1. Pendulum is unable to respond when attempting communicate with spirit
  2. The person is able to dowse with pendulum but unable to focus at consciousness center to do standing meditation. See the tutorial here.

The first is due to consciousness is under ground state and thus unable to interact with astral. The second is due to overly excited state of consciousness thus causes the consciousness center unable to be stilled and standing meditation is unable to work.

However, since the communication with spirit involves consciousness that are coming from outside of the pendulum dowser, thus the problems are likely due to interference.

Spirit and astral (energy) interference Edit

Every sentient person has psychokinesis ability because of being able to focus. Since pendulum programming is a process of conversion of psychokinesis into astraldynamics by mental focus, if one is able to do psychokinesis, the person should also be able to use pendulum to communicate with spirit.

When one is intending to communicate with a spirit with a pendulum but the pendulum is unable to respond, it is because there is an interference. Although it is possible that the spirit is intending to not wanting to communicate by not responding to the pendulum, however this does not make sense because nothing can interact without communication, and without interaction nothing can exist.

There is case where one is not being able to get the psychokinesis works. It is unsure if this is due to interference because psychokinesis is not involving interaction with astral.

Activation and stabilization Edit

Activation means to activate the ground state of consciousness into excited state. The term is borrowed from activation energy, "...activation energy is a term ... to describe the minimum energy which must be available ... to result in a chemical reaction[8]".

Stabilization means to stabilize the overly excited state of consciousness. The term can be refereed to metastability, "Metastability denotes the phenomenon when a system spends an extended time in a configuration other than the system's state of least energy[9]".

The pendulum programmings for solving the spirit and energy interference are as such:

  1. To activate the ground state of consciousness
  2. To stabilize the overactive excited state consciousness

However, not all of the ground state should be activated, and not all excited state should be stabilized. The corrected programmings will be:

  1. To activate the effective ground state of consciousness. Here, the "effective" means the consciousness that can maintain excited state after being activated.
  2. To free the effective excited state of consciousness. Here, the "effective" means the activated consciousness that can trigger other ground state of consciousness.
  3. To stabilize the ineffective excited state of consciousness. Here, the "ineffective" means the activated consciousness that unable to trigger other ground state of consciousness. Since astraldynamics requires excited state to interact, thus it is to remain in excited but not interfere the activation of other consciousness that is still at ground state.
  4. To isolate the ineffective ground state of consciousness. Here, the "ineffective" means the ground state of consciousness that unable to maintain excited if activated. Ground state does not react, else, it takes the energy from excited state but remains ineffective. Thus, it is to be isolated from reacting with others. The term "isolate" is borrowed from health care: "... isolation represents one of several measures that can be taken to implement infection control[10]".

Since the first and second, and, the third and fourth have same directions of the consciousness, thus the programming can be simplified as:

  1. To activate and free the effective ground and excited states of consciousness.
  2. To stabilize and isolate the ineffective excited and ground states of consciousness.

Symmetry and directions of consciousness Edit

Symmetry is one of the concept that helps to understand physics, such as, CPT symmetry that derives every matter to it's corresponding antimatter[11]. The derivation of pendulum programming is based on the concept of binary system (of modern computers[12]), in addition of understanding the duality by borrowing the concept of symmetry. The explanation is as follow:

At the beginning, the pendulum programming is derived as two consciousness states, 1 and 0: (... logical values (true/false, yes/no), algebraic signs (+/−), activation states (on/off), or any other two-valued attribute[13])

  • To activate the ground state of consciousness - 0 - As "false/no/negative/off"
  • To stabilize the over active excited state consciousness - 1 - As "true/no/negative/on"

In consideration of concept of symmetry, the 1 and 0 are put together, thus yields:

  • To activate the effective ground state of consciousness - 01
  • To free the effective excited state of consciousness - 11
  • To stabilize the ineffective excited state of consciousness - 10
  • To isolate the ineffective ground state of consciousness - 00

When understand the states as directional, thus are simplified as:

  • Activate and free the effective ground and excited states of consciousness - 01+11 - Going excited
  • Stabilize and isolate the ineffective excited and ground states of consciousness - 00+10 - Going ground

The concept of the directions, because the consciousness can imagine how the physics "works" in reverse direction, such as, to imagine the reversal of time, implies that the consciousness differs from physics that knows how to follow the laws, thus are used for simplification because consciousness simply can. At the mean time, the final pendulum programmings are just the same as the beginning but with correction.

Psychology (of electricity) Edit

The ground and exited states of consciousness in astraldynamics refers to psychology of electricity:

Recap from astraldynamics: "Physical electricity stores the information of matters that are measurable, while psychological electricity stores the mental information that cannot be defined by physical values, such as thoughts and feelings."
Psychology research has found that traumas can cause damages in brain: "Intense psychological stress caused by unwanted, troublesome memories can cause brain structures such as the amygdala, hippocampus and frontal cortex to become activated, as they process the memory[14]". This psychological factor may refer to the programming on "To isolate the ineffective ground state of consciousness", where the consciousness (psychological electricity in brain) that are related to trauma and has to be isolated and not to be activated.

The programming "To stabilize the ineffective excited state of consciousness" may refer to the optimistic bias: " ... there is more research and evidence suggesting that the bias is stronger for negative events. Different consequences result from these two types of events: positive events often lead to feelings of well being and self-esteem, while negative events lead to consequences involving more risk, such as engaging in risky behaviors and not taking precautionary measures for safety[15]". Thus, it is to inhibit the overly excited state of consciousness that relates to the negative event of optimistic bias.

For the two other two programmings may just refer to general positive psychology: "Positive psychology is the branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to aid in the achievement of a satisfactory life[16]".

Fine tuning and balance Edit

In theoretical physics, fine-tuning refers to circumstances when the parameters of a model must be adjusted very precisely in order to agree with observations[17]. However, unlike physics, psychology must take decision in order to work. This will mean that the psychology decides the physics. However, contrarily, if psychology determines physics, every matter will be control by mind but it seems that this is not the case.

Thus, to make sense, the is a balance between psychology and physics. where mind can only control a portion of matter and matter cannot make up everything over mind.

Therefore, when execute the pendulum programming, where it is mental in nature, there should be an additional programming in concern of the limitation of how mind can influence over the matter.

If psychology has determined the physics, to resemble to fine-tuning of physics by psychology, the programming will be sounded like:

  • To fine-tune the consciousness so that everything can be existed as possible

Meanwhile, since there should be a limitation, another measure is taken,

  • To let any possibility that is out of the consciousness to exist

Since the programming has same direction (in the sense that one cannot be derived without another), the two programmings can be combined:

  • To fine-tune and allow all and any possibility within and outside of the consciousness to exist

Relation to spirituality and metaphysics Edit

Physics is only being able to understand things with physical values but not the subjective experience of a person. Thus this derives (probably one of, depends on how a person defines) the purpose of metaphysics as a supplementary approach that uses physics as basis but in addition to fill in what physics is incapable of. When metaphysics crosses over physics and attempts to describe things related to subjective experience personally, emerges spirituality. In the context of astraldynamics, spirituality relates to spirit, which means unconscious or subconscious that lives in an astral body, thus is related non-physical existences.

To summarize the derivations of ground and excited states of consciousness, it seems that the consciousness can be simplified in four directions:

  • There is good in bad and it is to find such goodness in bad. (Analogous to "To activate the effective ground state of consciousness")
  • There is better in good and it is to improve such good. (Analogous to "There is bad in god, To free the effective excited state of consciousness")
  • There is also bad in good and it is to suppress it to not effect the other. (Analogous to "To stabilize the ineffective excited state of consciousness")
  • There is worst in bad, and it is to contain the worst from effecting the other. (Analogous to "To isolate the ineffective ground state of consciousness")

Or in short, the consciousness has a dualism nature that comprises four basic directions.

Advanced pendulum programming Edit

-Not available yet-

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